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Standard 3 / 4 Axis Dispensing Robots


AIE benchtop-type automatic dispensing robot is a comprehensive equipment, it allows engineer to configure the system for various application, such as spray, dosing, marking, plotting, line dispensing and other 3-dimensional patterns. This economy robot has small footprint and easy to operate. In collaboration with HIWIN and Epson, multiple axis robotic arms (such as Scara robot, Articulated robot) are available for more sophisticated dispensing profile, turnkey solution can be proposed.

HND (Blunt End)

Scara Robots


3/4 Axis Robots

AIE 3&4 axis Dispensing Robots

3/4 Axis Robots (Control Panel)


3/4 Axis Robots with Peristaltic Pump


3/4 Axis Robots with Pressure Tank and Precision Valves

AIE 3&4 axis Dispensing Robots

3/4 Axis Robots (Moving Platform)


Dual Stages Robots with Syringes

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