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AIE_Blunt_End_Tips_0.5",1", 1.5"

Blunt End Tip 0.25", 0.5", 1", 1.5", 2" and customize length


Blunt End Tips


Blunt End Tips


Plastic Tapered Tips


Full Stainless Steel Dispensing Tips


PP Flexible Dispensing Tips


Teflon Lined Tips


Brush Dispensing Tips


Full Range Dispensing Needles & Tips


Dispensing Needle Starter Kits

HND-Tips (Blunt End)


The HND series needle consist of a stainless-steel shaft with a double helix polypropylene hub. This premier line of dispensing needles is burr-free, and electro-polished shaft for unobstructed and consistent material flow. In addition they are silicone and chloride free. Designed to dispense most fluids and adhesives and safe for use to 100 psi.

HND (Blunt End)

HAD-Tips (Angle)


The HAD series needle consist of a stainless-steel shaft with a double helix polypropylene hub. Its ergonomic design allows user to dispense fluid from different angles (45° and 90°) without much hassle. HAD series needles are typically used to apply fluid inside the bore of products or under components.

HAD (Angle)

HTD-Tips (Tapered)


HTD series high quality tapered tips comes with standard gauge sizes ranged from 14 to 25. Made to suit high viscosity liquid dispensing application. The most common fluid that required dispensing through HTD-tips are solder pastes, fluxes, gels, epoxies, grease, compounds, particle filled materials, adhesives, silicones, sealants and RTVs. Its double helix locking luer thread provides safe attachment to all syringes and precision valves.

HTD (Tapered)

HFD-Tips (Flexible)


HFD Polypropylene tips include a plastic double helix locking hub, with a polypropylene canula (tubing). HFD-tips are excellent choice for dispensing fluid into small areas or through holes due to its flexibility. The luer locking helix thread ensures the tip is secured under pressure. Flexible needle tips for use with most fluids and especially good for reactive adhesives and moisture sensitive fluids such as cyanoacrylate instant glues and most solvent based fluids

HFD (Flexible)
HTL (Teflon Lined)

HTL-Tips (Teflon Lined)


HTL Teflon Lined Tip is made to suit controlled application of Cyanoacrylates, Solvents, Activators, Primers and other liquids. The crimped Teflon inner tube prevents reactive Cyanoacrylates from clogging the needle's orifice during production. The tips are silicone free and chloride free to prevent contamination of any liquid dispensed.

HTF (Teflon)

HTF-Tips (Teflon)


HTF Teflon Lined Tip is an upgraded version of HTL-tips. The dispense tube is made of Teflon and it is another choice for controlled dispensing application of Cyanoacrylates, Solvents, Activators, Primers and other liquids.

HTF (Teflon)

HSD-Tips (Stainless Steel)


HSD high precision stainless steel tips consist of a stainless-steel luer lock hub with stainless steel precision shaft. This high quality line of dispensing needles is burr-free, and electro-polished shaft for unobstructed and consistent flow of fluids. It is suitable for dispensing application of most fluids, SMT adhesives and solvents. Industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi. Ideal for use on robot dispensing systems as tips are cut high precision for total consistency.

HSD (Stainless Steel)
HSM (Dual SS)

HSM-Tips (Stainless Steel-Multiple Tips)


HSM is a custom made series of precision dispensing tip. The polished stainless steel finishing ensure quality of dispensing application. Twin/multiple needle tips can provide multiple dispensing in narrow space. Provide length, quantity as well as pattern (array) for a quote for customization.

HFT* (Flat)

HFT*-Tips (Flat)


HFT*-tips are used to dispense flat ribbons of thick fluids like pastes, sealants and epoxies.


*Types: Full stainless steel (*S), polypropylene with metal tube (*N)

HBT-Tips (Brush)


HBT-tips are used to spread fluid over a region with time saved. Brush is made of nylon. High quality products for multi-use with most dispensing guns, pneumatic dispensers, precision valves and dispensing robots. Standard tip length is 1.5".  HBD-tips featured a threaded luer lock hub for safe attachment to dispensing devices.  Options of soft bristle or stiff bristle brushes are available. Silicone free and safe for use up to 100 psi. Suitable for use with primers, activators, coatings, oils, lubricants, adhesives, solvents, inks and paints.

HBT (Brush)

HDKIT01 (Assorted Needle Tip Kit)


A useful tip selection kit containing 146 assorted tips from our precision HND range (0.5" long), a selection of 45° and 90° bend angled tips, all size tapered tips and sample tip caps. Dual level plastic box with printed card for easy product identification. All tips feature double helix locking thread for safety and are safe to use to 100 psi. Hubs are colour filtered plastic for UV protection.  All components are silicone and chloride free. We also can include the tips at your request.  

Assorted Needle Tip Kit
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