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MA-Series (Static Mixer)


MA-series disposable plastic static mixer feature a simple twist-lock mounting. The  mixers' first element automatically aligns with the dividing wall when used with the 50 ml cartridge, separating Part A and Part B.
MA series static mixers come in a wide variety of sizes and will mix virtually any 2-part material including epoxies, silicones, urethanes, acrylics and polyesters.

HND (Blunt End)

MC-Series (Static Mixer)


MC disposable mixers can be used with 200ml,  400ml and other dual cartridge dispensing systems. The mixer element is designed to provide less resistance while dispensing. This is particularly important in hand-held dispensing to minimize operator fatigue. It come in a wide variety of sizes and will mix virtually any 2-part material including epoxy, silicone, urethane, acrylic and polyester resins. The mixers are used for a wide range of low-pressure meter mix applications.

HAD (Angle)

ME/MS-Series (Static Mixer)

HTD (Tapered)

MF-Series (Static Mixer)

Luer Lock Adapter (For Static Mixer)

HFD (Flexible)

HBA-Series (Barrel Adapter)


HBA-series barrel adapter is a connecting air link between the pneumatic syringe dispenser and the syringe barrel. It is industrial grade and safe for use to 100 psi and made of silicone free plastics and components. It comes in sizes from 3cc to 55cc. It is supplied with standard EPR black rubber o-ring. Viton o-rings replacements available for use with aggressive solvent based fluids. HBA-series barrel adapters are safe and hygienic, eliminating risk of splitting or breaking while dispensing. They fit most industrial syringe dispensers. All adapters are available from stock.

Other Dispensing Accessories


  • Quick Connector

  • Leak Proof Clip

  • Crimp Ring

  • Pinch Tube

  • Mixer

  • Mixer Adapter

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