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AIE Singapore-ABLE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING -Adhesive Barrels, 3cc to 55cc, low cost

HAS-Series (Amber)

HBS-Series (Black)

HCS-Series (Clear)


Dispensing syringe barrels are silicone and chloride- free and designed to work with syringe guns and pneumatic dispensers. The syringe barrels are made from low friction polypropylene to ensure accuracy, repeatability and productivity. Features a luer lock for secure dispense tip attachment. Available in 3 colours: Natural transparent colour (HCS series) are made for most generic applications, HAS series (Amber) syringe barrels provides protection of UV/visible light block (up to 520nm), while allowing monitor of fluid level inside the syringe barrel. Black syringe barrel (HBS series) are made for total light block (Block UV & visible light). Maximum operating pressure 100 psi (6.9bar). Pistons available for all barrel sizes as well as end caps and adapter assemblies.

Amber, Black, Clear

HHS-Series (Hand Syringe)


Hand syringe assembly are used for dispensing adhesives, chemicals, inks, solvents and pastes. It can be either clear plastic barrels or clear graduated barrels including plunger rod and rubber piston. Available in sizes 1cc to 50cc with luer lock twist tip attachment or luer slip push on tip attachment.

HHS (Hand Syringe)

HPE-Series (Piston)


HPE-series pistons ensure input pressure is evenly distributed across the fluid surface to provide consistent dispensing result. These wiper seal pistons prevent dripping and eliminate material waste by wiping the syringe barrel wall clean as fluid is dispensed. Maximum operating pressure is 100psi (6.9bar). "Easy Flow" pistons (black) are recommended for most general applications and they ensure minimum amount of material residue left behind on the syringe barrel walls while dispensing. Our wiper pistons (white) are a slightly tighter fit for use with low to medium viscosity fluids or with mechanical devices to prevent leakage passing through the double wiping edges. Straight wall pistons (red) are recommended for reduced stringing and "bouncing" with high viscosity products.

HPE (Piston)

HTC-Series (Tip Cap)


HTC-series tip caps are used on the luer lock end of any sized syringe barrel, cartridge adapter or metering valve and feature a double helix thread for secured and leak free blocking. Caps are silicone and chloride free to prevent contamination of any fluids stored inside the barrels.

HTC (Tip Cap)

HEC-Series (End Cap)


HEC-series endcaps are used on the flange end of any sized syringe barrel for secured and leak free blocking. Caps are silicone and chloride free to prevent contamination of any fluids stored inside the barrels.

HEC (End Cap)

HBA-Series (Barrel Adapter)


HBA-series barrel adapter is a connecting air link between the pneumatic syringe dispenser and the syringe barrel. It is industrial grade and safe for use to 100 psi and made of silicone free plastics and components. It comes in sizes from 3cc to 55cc. It is supplied with standard EPR black rubber o-ring. Viton o-rings replacements available for use with aggressive solvent based fluids. HBA-series barrel adapters are safe and hygienic, eliminating risk of splitting or breaking while dispensing. They fit most industrial syringe dispensers. All adapters are available from stock.

HBA (Adapter)

Other Dispensing Accessories


  • Syringe Adapter Head (Japan)

  • Quick Connector (Japan)

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