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UV-Visible Light (Mercury, Metal Halide, Coil Filament UV)


AIE UV light system produces reliable and stable UV light to meet your production needs. Our conventional UV systems were built for UV curing application for inks and adhesives for industrial used, it is robust and yet low cost. Remoted control for UV curing devices make the integration into modern production line earsier.


Germicidal UV (UVC) is another range of famous products, we have helped many peoples to be able to access cleaner water and air by integrating our gemicidal UV lamp onto water purifying devices and air handling units of commercial buildings.



  • UV Curing for Printing inks, Adhesives, Polymers

  • Medical devices assembly rapid cure

  • Hard disc, Earphone rapid cure for handling

  • Lithography

  • Photopolymerization


Types of illumination profile:

  • Spot

  • Flood (Area)

  • Line

  • Standard wafer sizes full coverage (6", 8", 12" and 18")


Fully customizable:

  • Integration with infrared-ray

  • UV conveyor

  • Rotary table for assembly

  • UV block panel

  • Pick and place

  • Automation


UV-Sible Light (Mercury)

Portable UV


Flood (Area) UV

AIE Singapore-ABLE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING -AIE UV, UV spot lamp, UV replacement lamp, arc lamp, merc

UV Bulbs, Light Guides


UV Conveyor


Programmable Flood UV

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