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UV-Visible Light (Energy Efficient UVLED)


AIE UVLED light system is an engergy efficient device, it uses high quality UVLED from Japan Nichia. The compact UV module comes with moderated-powered UV LED (option: high power high intensity), internal optics, driver, light intensity controller, and active-cooling system. As our cooling system is carefully designed giving extremly low thermal effect, hence the UVLED performance and good life span is assured.


AIE UV curing system is offered with UVLED that produces peak spectrum of 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm or 405nm.


The system is capable to handle range of application as long the correct LED and working power is selected (check with our engineer for recommendation).



  • UV Curing for Printing inks, Adhesives, Polymers

  • Medical devices assembly rapid cure

  • Hard disc, Earphone rapid cure for handling

  • Lithography

  • Photopolymerization


Types of illumination profile:

  • Spot

  • Flood (Area)

  • Line

  • Standard wafer sizes full coverage (6", 8", 12" and 18")


Fully customizable:

  • Integration with infrared-ray

  • UV conveyor

  • Rotary table for assembly

  • UV block panel

  • Pick and place

  • Automation


UV-Visible Light (LED)

UV Array


UV Spot

AIE LITJET UV-LED Spot, UVLED for UV adhesive curing

UV Spot

LITJET UV-LED Spot light guide - lens only 1_edited

UV Spot (Lens)


UV Line Curing


UV Inspection, R&D Kit

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