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UV-LED Area / Line Curing
UV-LED Spot Curing

Ultraviolet, Bluelight Systems and Accessories


AIE (ABLE Industrial Engineering) has been focusing on research, development and implementation of ultraviolet lighting products since the day we established.


We have manufactured, supplied and integrated UV light systems for customers in electronics assembly, healthcare products, HVAC, Food and beverages industry.


Utilizing light spectrum, of UVC for germicidal application, UVB for lab simulation and UVA for UV adhesive curing.


Wide range of conventional UV arc lamp and UV-LED array are available at AIE.

High Efficient UVLED

Solution: UV Curing, Highly Efficient UV-LED

Connect up to 16 light guilds with one controller unit.


  • Compact

  • Light weight

  • Light intensity setting

  • Light guide option: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm

  • Lens interchangeable: Spot, Square, Rectangular


UV Spot Curing
UV Conventional

Solution: UV Curing, Highly Efficient UV-LED

Engineered for UV adhesives curing application, connects up to 4 illumination units.


  • Fan cool / Water cool

  • Light intensity setting

  • Option: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm

  • Option: Password protection

UV Light Bulbs / Accessories

Solution: UV Curing (Spot), Highly Power UV

High power ultraviolet curing system, its optics was engineered to deliver maximum amount of UV light energy to the UV adhesive with minimum heat transmitted.


  • High UV intensity (focus)

  • 100W, 200W UV bulb

  • Mercury, Metal halide UV bulb

  • Liquid filled light guides (Single, dual, four-pole)

  • Safety interlock for light guide & lamp cover removal

  • Control via foot pedal, PC or PLC

UV Light Tubes
Germicidal UV
UV Inspection

Solution: Black light, Germicidal Light


  • Black light blue lamp (BLB): 315nm to 400nm

  • Germicidal / Purification: Peak at 253.7nm

  • 4W to 40W

  • Straight type: 134mm to 1200mm

  • Mini bowl type: Diameter 20mm

  • Option purchase

    • Housing assembly (completed)

    • Magnetic ballast and lamp holder

    • Electronics ballast and lamp holder


Conventional UV-arc lamp system has various consumables, we have compatible replacement parts for well-known brands at attractive offer


  • UV Light Bulbs

    • Mercury

    • Metal halide

  • Liquid filled light guides (single to multiple pole)

Non-Destructive Test / Inspection

Portable and compact UV flash light that can be carry around for site test and inspection job.


  • Also used for UV Florescence inspection, crack test, leak test, etc.

  • Light weight (less than 100 grams)

  • Spot diameter: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 30mm

  • Nichia UV-LED (Japan)

  • 20,000 hours UV-LED Life span

  • Battery operated

  • Rechargeable (charger included)

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